The challenge

Maximizing the startup’s funding

It isn’t easy balancing work and life, more so coming home tired to do more housework. This inspired Andreas Schollin-Borg and Eric Laudet to build their startup by answering this need of making urban Swiss life easier.

Batmaid was the first on-demand home cleaning platform in Switzerland. This means that being the first required the company to move really fast.

It required tons of complex work to make it as seamless and user friendly as possible. Imagine an Uber-type system where you can book for single or recurring home cleaning services that you can schedule and pay directly from the application.

Although the startup already had substantial funding, Batmaid wanted to maximize it by looking for a partner who could deliver quickly at a lower cost.

Our approach

Reliable, high quality code delivered fast at a competitive price

Batmaid wanted to move fast, launch quickly and be known as the first in the industry. This meant the company had to make sure that a high quality system is in place and would work 24/7.

With Arcanys quick ramp up capabilities and light costing structure, Batmaid had the resources to launch to market quickly, within their timeline, and be able to add more features getting them on a fast track towards real customers. Wasn’t that a sweet deal?

Batmaid was offered great flexibility options starting with a whole team of fully dedicated developers to launch their product, then maintaining a key senior developer for the maintenance of the application.

“Arcanys is actively listening to its clients and suggests efficient solutions in many areas of software development. It shows their ability to manage complex projects requiring a great deal of internal resources. Their staff is committed and motivated."

Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO,
The solution

A collaborative team that executes fast

Batmaid loved the offer:

  • to be able to launch quickly
  • an option to ramp up and down anytime
  • low cost rate compared to hiring people locally
  • the same quality code as desired
  • a whole team at less than half the cost
  • Swiss partners highly trained with the newest technologies, combined with world-class Filipino talent
Your on-demand team is ready.