The challenge

Modern wearable technology has redefined sports performance analysis over the last decade. It combines brains and brawn in a whole new level of ingenuity as coaches and athletes learn how to quantify and step up their game.

FieldWiz is a compact device that captures physical performance data in an outdoor team sports match or practice as it happens. Unobtrusively attached on the back of a vest, it records the player’s speed and acceleration, duration and distance, heart rate, and covered zones (GPS heatmap). The collected metrics are then analyzed and used to set the bar for training and strategy.

But here’s the rub: the FieldWiz team needed an intuitive interface for effortless its top features. To be consistent with its core promise, FieldWiz explored outsourcing options.

Our approach

As a tech company and sports enthusiasts ourselves, web development and wearable sports technology are a combination that’s right up our alley. We understand the benefits of optimizing quantifiable information in improving physical performance and, of course, the power of the Internet.

We met the FieldWiz team in Lausanne, Switzerland, and were impressed by what they’ve accomplished so far. We believe in the potential of every startup to revolutionize a part of our society, and FieldWiz doesn’t disappoint by bringing this digital revolution to any team with a true passion for outdoor sports. So rather than asking a cash-strapped team to put their hands in their pockets again, we decided to invest with development time as part of our reactor program, Arcanys Labs.

" Arcanys team is working well and is well organized. Although our project comports very specific technical constraints, Arcanys developers were able to provide us a good implementation. An initial training was necessary to bring the developers aware of the project details, but after that the development became very efficient. The project is well structured with a modern management methods. "

Lionel Yersin, CTO, Fieldwiz
The solution

We built a team of three dedicated developers to work on FieldWiz’s web application and give it the user-friendly interface it deserves. The designs and implementations include:

  • Multi-tier architecture with AngularJS and Lumen
  • D3 Graphs and Timeline to precisely select the duration of game periods
  • Elasticsearch storage of games and players data
  • Secured third-party access to their own data

Completing the roster of development experts is our web architect who ensures every piece fits perfectly to produce reusable and scalable code.

Your on-demand team is ready.