Institutional Investor

The challenge

An efficient and seamless handover to a multi-skilled tech team

Founded way back in 1974, Institutional Investor (II) is a global B2B publishing and fintech company that focuses mainly on international finance. The company publishes an array of finance-related content as well as organizes conferences, seminars, and training courses. They are also becoming a major player in the fintech industry, operating three systems that aim to connect investors, managers, and intermediaries.

Manager Match (formerly RFI) is a global investment hub as well as a digital “matchmaking” tool. It enables investors and managers to source the right professionals and insights to find the best investment partners, so they can capitalize on real international investment opportunities and build robust investment portfolios.

Other modules in the Institutional Investor umbrella are Institutional Investor Networks (IIN) and Institutional Investor Conferences (IIC), to which Manager Match is also connected.

As the fintech industry underwent changes and improvements over the years, Institutional Investor found itself needing new tech professionals to fill vacancies. However, with tasks involving sensitive client data and a highly complex system, their new dedicated team members had to show great technical and analytical skills, but also absolute transparency, conscientiousness and reliability.

Initially needing only a Quality Analyst to check the Manager Match system, Institutional Investor quickly ramped up their team for system maintenance and enhancements, as well as some QA work for the Institutional Investor Networks and Conferences.

Our approach

A resourceful and hardworking tech partner

As a software outsourcing company seeking long-term and stable partnerships, we at Arcanys make sure to not only fulfill project specifications but also foster good relationships with clients, past or present. We believe that in all aspects of business, relationships are everything.

Case in point, Institutional Investor Lead Developer Ian Hamilton has worked with Arcanys on previous projects. Recalling his previous working relationship with us, Arcanys was his top outsourcing choice when his current team was looking for a QA for Manager Match, and later on for more software developers to build new features, validate updates, fix system bugs, and make necessary adjustments in compliance to updated web requirements.

The Institutional Investor team is currently working with three full-time tech experts—one QA and two software developers. And they seamlessly communicate with their UK-based teammates on a regular basis. Finding the Arcanys team to be diligent, efficient, very accessible (despite the time zone difference), and quite easy to talk and work with since the beginning of our collaboration, Ian is well-pleased with his decision to approach us.

With an on-site Swiss management and highly skilled, hardworking tech professionals, Ian believes Arcanys is definitely the right tech partner for Institutional Investor.

“Arcanys has a great system set up. With Swiss management always at hand, it’s a well-organized business-oriented company with highly skilled professionals who are very hardworking.”

Ian Hamilton, Lead Developer at Institutional Investor
The solution

Arcanys built a dedicated team for Institutional Investor that comprised two developers and a QA. At present, they are providing the following for Manager Match:

  • Front-end enhancements using AngularJS and Bootstrap
  • Regular system checkups and updates
  • New features development
  • System bug reports and fixes

Our QA also performed the following one-time task for Institutional Investor Networks and Conferences:

  • Manual testing

Aside from web development and QA, the team also gets support from an on-site internal coordinator whenever needed.

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