Reorg Research

The challenge

Information is the key

We live in the new world of information, but there is one sector above all others where information is the key to success: Finance.

Reorg Research is a provider of real-time news, commentary and analysis on issues affecting the distressed debt, event-driven and leveraged finance markets. They give independent, insightful and timely market intelligence and analysis to their subscribers for them to make better business and investment decisions.

Reorg Research needed an outsourcing partner to extend their development team and support their legacy systems, as well as implement new features throughout their web apps.

Our approach

At Arcanys, we’re keen on expanding our reach to diverse industries that need an online platform that looks good and feels good. So, we rolled up our sleeves and took up the challenge.

Not new to outsourcing with a small team in Eastern Europe, Reorg Research was happily surprised by our skills that matched their needs and how smoothly our developers could onboard a project.

" We have used the great developers at Arcanys as an extension of our existing in-house and outsource development team. Our dedicated developers at Arcanys quickly got up to speed and started working on major features for our web application. The team is hard working, dedicated and knows their technology. We could not do it without them! "

Rich Jones, CTO, Reorg Research, Inc.
The solution

Reliable, fast and cheaper than nearshoring

Our 2-developer team works closely with Reorg Research’s CTO on:

  • Bug fixes on the legacy systems
  • New features implementation on web apps
  • Improvement suggestions that could benefit the project
Your on-demand team is ready.