Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Arcanys different?

Arcanys is a software development company in the Philippines that invests as much in its people as it does in technology. We provide clients with fast, reliable solutions from our highly skilled Filipino tech professionals who undergo continual training in the latest innovations.

Our passion in technology extends to propelling ideas, ventures and startups off the ground in the same way our founding team of successful Swiss entrepreneurs has accomplished with Arcanys.

Having been on both sides of the trade, we understand the importance of adaptability. Arcanys progressively grows more flexible to meet client needs, maximize value for money and drive competitive advantage.

We invite clients to our site so they get to know their team and experience the awesome work environment where web and mobile software are designed, built, tested and maintained in a no-BS approach.

We also endeavor to maintain the feel-good vibe in our workplace and keep our teams happy. While revolving doors of many outsourcing companies spin out of hand, Arcanys employees enjoy the many advantages of being with us and stay.

Company-sponsored interest and skills trainings foster our teams’ personal and professional growth. Perspectives are broaden thanks to a diverse cultural environment, and leadership potential is uncovered with inclusive flat management and open-door policy.

At Arcanys, everyone can feel right at home in the company of motivated people with happy tummies (free lunches), de-stressed minds (24/7 gaming room), active bodies (fitness activities) and control over their time (flexible work schedule).

Learn more about the benefits of working at Arcanys and check out our job openings!

What are the different phases of a software development project?

There are different software development process models Arcanys can use to best fit the project, needs and client setup. However, in each of these models, there are six main phases in which we can help:

1. Requirements gathering, analysis and interface design

The client or our Sr. designers / business analysts gather requirements and prepare the information to create the software requirements specification (SRS) document, usually along with the interface design (UI/UX design). The outcome of this stage is usually a clickable prototype along with a written requirements document describing each and every functionality of the web or mobile application.

Not sure how to write your SRS? Follow these 5 steps to the perfect software requirements document.

2. System design (architecture) and user stories creation

These two parts of the requirements are the best way to make sure that the software architects and software developers have all the information to conceptualize the system architecture and break down the project in user stories to better grasp the tasks to perform and organize the different phases of the project.

3. Implementation/development

The development phase is initiated by a kick-off where all the information and rules that guide the project will be discussed and agreed upon with the client. In this phase, along with the development of the web or mobile application, our software testers will participate in improving the overall quality of each deployment.

4. Testing

The testing usually happens along with the development of the application to optimize a frequent deployment for the client. This allows improvements to a live software without interruption for the users. Our software testers provide various types of testing depending on the needs of the clients: manual testing, automated testing, functional and non-functional testing, etc.

5. Deployment

Deployment is made on a regular basis (typically every 2 to 4 weeks) until project completion or during the maintenance phase of a project.

6. Maintenance

Maintenance has several meanings. In most cases, professional software platforms never cease to improve, having new features added regularly. Arcanys is working on many concurrent projects in the maintenance phase where we continuously improve the platforms with our team of dedicated developers.

How do I build my requirements?

Writing proper Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) is essential in communicating with software designers and developers the desired goals and functionality of product that is being built.

By providing easy-to-manage details and using real-world scenarios, your software requirements document will help define the specific scope of work to be completed, and therefore reduce the risk associated with uncertainty as well as increase the accuracy of time and cost estimates.

Believe us, building your software product requirements is an exciting, creative exercise. It helps define your goals better. We have listed for you the 5 steps to follow in building the perfect requirements for us to get a decent understanding of your project. Have more questions? Let’s talk about it.

And keep in mind that although there are many ways to build requirements, an effective SRS document should always be comprehensive (all functionalities, performance, attributes, design preferences or restrictions are expressed), consistent (in compliance with other documentation), and unequivocal (the goals and requirements are clearly identified to avoid ambiguity).

Who exactly is working on my project?

There are at least one software engineer and one project manager handling your project. More software web or mobile developers, UI/UX designers and testers might also be working on your project, depending on your needs.

At any time during your collaboration with Arcanys, you will know exactly who is working on your project. Arcanys prides itself on being transparent at any given time and providing the most visibility possible on the status of the project.

In most cases, Arcanys provides direct access to all team members working on a project, as well as a set of tools to monitor the progress of the project, and an access to the source code on a permanent basis.

Can Arcanys offer the technologies I need?

Yes, mostly.

Arcanys provides a wide range of the most recent web and mobile technologies, from mobile applications to complex SaaS or PaaS projects.

As one of the best custom software development companies in the Philippines, Arcanys attaches importance to keeping our software engineers up on trends with relevant online trainings and weekly brown bag sessions, making sure we stay a step ahead of existing and emerging technologies and methodologies.

Arcanys focuses on and excels in:

  • PHP / Javascript: Laravel, Angular, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, etc.
  • .NET: ASP.NET, C#.NET and other Microsoft technologies
  • Python and Django
  • Native and cross-platform mobile technologies (iOS, Swift, Android, Java, Ionic, etc.)

You can find the full list of our capabilities here.

I need help to build my MVP. Can Arcanys help me?

Yes, definitely.

We have helped many startups from the start to success, like ICM or Fansnation. With our long experience as entrepreneur ourselves, we have perfected the art of building Minimum Viable Products from the UI and UX design, requirements documents to the full development of a solid MVP that your users will love. Our teams of senior designers, business analysts and experienced developers in the Philippines work hand in hand to craft beautiful and state-of-the-art applications.

I work in a different time zone. Is that a problem?

No, it isn’t.

In most cases, time zone difference presents the advantage of having more hours of coverage for the software development team based in the Philippines, with a few hours of overlap to synchronize. We work with clients from Asia and New Zealand, to Europe and the West Coast of the USA successfully. However, it is less easy to work with 12-13 hours time difference as it would be if you are on the East Coast USA.

How do I make sure I chose the right software development outsourcing company?

There is no one-size-fits-all software development partner. Every project is different, and it is important to select the outsourcing service provider that will best meet your needs, complement your strengths, and has a business culture you agree with.

Arcanys is a recognized software development company in the Philippines specializing in augmenting existing teams with full-time developers, designers, Cloud engineers, software testers, software architects, and project managers.

Arcanys also helps companies create complete web or mobile projects from scratch. We work with our Sr designers to craft a delightful UI/UX experience, our Business Analysts to document the technical and business requirements, and our entire dedicated team of developers to execute complex SaaS, PaaS web, and mobile projects, with the assistance of our in-house CTOs.

If you hire software developers from Arcanys, you may get to experience the best software development outsourcing in the Philippines.

Read our eBook to know the key factors to look for in software development firms. Or drop us a line at and ask any questions you may have—we’ll be happy to answer them!

What are (some of) the best practices used at Arcanys?

Arcanys follows industry-standard coding conventions and best practices, such as John Papa’s style guide for AngularJS or PSR-1/PSR-2 for PHP and more, summarized in clean coding presentations.

We do code reviews and group code reviews and teach our developers during brown bags and weekly training sessions to make sure everyone is doing their best to maintain a high level of quality and competency.

Our project management team uses Agile and Scrum in the best and most productive possible way with daily stand-up, sprint ceremonies and retrospective meetings. Our projects are managed in scrum boards on JIRA.

In addition, we’re continuously updating our skills to ensure that clients get the best pieces of advice in their industry.

UX/UI Design

Do I need UI/UX design?

Yes. Whether built in-house or outsourced, a high-quality and intuitive UI design is required for any website and app to succeed. Logical navigation, clean layout, and ease of use are foundations of successful software solutions and applications. Not only does a good UI/UX design help users quickly and easily get the information they want and complete their intended actions, but it also helps you achieve your own business needs and goals by integrating them into your product’s design.

Why User Experience design matters so much?

A good User Experience design is essential to a product’s success. UX professionals study and research different aspects of human behavior and make appropriate decisions based on the user’s and your business’s goals.

UX design does not only address a product’s User Interface and layout but also dives deeper into areas like user’s motivation, expectations, and emotion. It evaluates things such as process difficulty and priority, or if each interaction between the user and the product meets the user’s expectations. UX Designers use all these details in crafting a positive experience with the product.

Who are the UI/UX designers at Arcanys?

The Arcanys UI/UX design team consists of 5 design experts: Ken, Beau, Jericho, Michael and Pauline. Their experience vary from 3 to 10 years.

What is the difference between User Interface and User Experience?

UI design refers to User Interface design, while UX stands for User Experience.

UX designers have a user-centric approach to designing software products. Think of them as architects that build the user flows and anticipate behaviors that would take them to sign up for your newsletter, for example. Once these macro-interactions are designed, the User Interface design work starts. UI designers pay attention to visual details like icons, colors, buttons, and many other graphical elements that will ensure successful, delightful navigation of your software product.

To make it simple, our designers describe it this way: a UI designer visually communicates the path that the UX designer has set out.

Is wireframing really necessary?

A need for wireframing depends on the complexity of your software project. The more parts and interactions a project has, the higher need for a wireframe.

Wireframes are useful for gaining a broad understanding of a project, especially complex ones. More importantly, they are a form of documentation that can be easily shared among project stakeholders for decision-making purposes on functionality, scope, and so forth. It is also easier to see how parts of the project will interact through a wireframe than by reading a multi-page functional spec document. Lastly, a wireframe with sufficient detail allows you to quickly identify any potential problems or challenges you would have missed if you were too narrowly focused on the broader functionality of your project without considering the more expensive process of creating high-fidelity mockups or prototypes.

Development, Testing and Maintenance

How do I hire a software developer at Arcanys? What is the process?

The process of hiring dedicated developers with Arcanys is pretty straightforward.

To understand your needs, we study the job description and conduct discussions. With hundreds of teams successfully managed since 2010, we also help our clients understand their own need for an optimal team, in some cases.

We introduce you to potential matches (usually already working at Arcanys for some time) with all necessary information and let you interview them to get a good idea of their skills.

Once you’ve decided on the developers to work with, we simply agree on a start date of the collaboration.

At Arcanys, we believe scaling a team should be smooth and hassle-free, so we don’t ask for long commitments. Our outstanding performance is our guarantee that you’ll stick with us in the long run.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through!

How do I communicate with the developers?

The type of communication, degree of involvement, and tools used vary depending on your project characteristics and technical capability. Most projects fall between two categories where we find the right kind of balance for specific situations:

In what we call “client-driven” projects, the developers are essentially part of the your development team. They go with whatever tools and processes used on your side, communicate directly with you, or contribute tasks in the product backlog, in some cases. We also have projects where there is minimal communication between the client and developer/s. Our architects and account managers coordinate with you and the development team, monitor project status with daily and weekly reports, and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We commonly communicate through Skype, email, and JIRA. Of course, depending on your preferences, we can use other channels like Slack, Google Hangouts, or Asana.

Client visits in our office are not unusual, too. It pays off to get to know the development team, experience the work environment, see how we operate, and clarify the jobs needed to be done. Plus, it’s the perfect chance to spend some time in a tropical island like Cebu!

Will I have access to all source code, domains, and database files upon completion of my project?

Yes, you will have access to the source code through a versioning system (Gitlab) or even your own system. You are also the sole owner of your domains and external tools and will be granted access to your own database if required.

This is to make sure you have everything you need in case you want to update your system, add a component or fix a bug, or transfer your project to another developer or software development company. And another good thing about it? It will not cost you more.

At Arcanys, most of the tools and languages we use are open source, and the value we provide is in our developers and other members of our teams.

Read more about the importance of clean code.

Do I get to manage my dedicated team?

In most cases, yes. How the team is managed depends on your preferences, your comfort level in managing dedicated development teams offshore, and the maturity of the teams on both ends. You will have a project manager as your main point of contact to help coordinate the work of the team, making sure the communication is clear and the project runs smoothly.

We make sure that the skills, seniority, and experience of the Arcanys team working with you are carefully chosen to best match your needs. We also maintain your continuous access to the team. In some cases, we fully manage projects for the client; in other cases, our clients fully manage their Arcanys team of developers and testers.

Know more about how to make the best of your outsourced team.


Where can I find the job openings at Arcanys?

You may find the list of job openings at Arcanys through our careers page here.

Can I apply at Arcanys for a position that is not listed in the job openings?

Our careers page is continually updated with new opportunities. Job openings are posted as soon as they become available. If you have questions or wish you apply for a position that’s not listed, just drop us a line at Our recruitment specialists would love to hear from you!

How does the hiring process work at Arcanys?

We review your profile as soon as we receive your application, and update you right away! Candidates go through interviews and skills assessment to identify if they fit the available position.

What are (some of) the benefits of working at Arcanys?

Flat management style, promotes culture of learning, full medical insurance, paid vacation and sick leaves, flexible working schedule, free gym membership, free lunches, 24/7 gaming room, movie nights and paid weekend trainings are just some of the benefits employees get to enjoy working at Arcanys! See our Top 20 Benefits of working at Arcanys.

Can I refer my friends to Arcanys?

Yes, you may refer your friends and receive spot P10K when they are successfully hired. Check out Arcanys referral program here!