The challenge

Out with the old, in with the new

e-man has been in the business of systems integration for almost two decades. The Swedish company specializes in the development, administration, and integration of industrial applications and systems with a habit of staying up to date with the latest cutting-edge technologies. Each project has a different combination of technology, and every new project utilizes a new set of technologies.

As the business landscape became more competitive, e-man’s seasoned veterans and co-founders proposed a different business approach that would alter that department’s history.

The co-founders agreed to creating a new business model that would ensure building a strong legacy for e-Man: integration as a service. To go faster and bring the price down for their customers, they decided to outsource. This gave them a competitive advantage, and given the right partners, the move will be revolutionary.

Our approach

Confidence in the Arcanys reputation

Being able to make the final call on outsourcing their technology meant e-man co-founders needed a highly reliable and competent partner to execute its plans.

While talking about how Arcanys would be able to provide the right support e-man needs, we’ve also highlighted on the cultural and technological advantages that the partnership would bring.

Arcanys banks on its highly skilled team of developers that carry the right attitude: resilient, optimistic, and always up for a challenge. Combine these with Swiss technology and business know-how, e-man was convinced that Arcanys is the right outsourcing partner.

" Since 2011, we have been working with a growing team of developers, AWS engineers and testers. The whole team is communicative, fast and eager to help, and Arcanys has become a key partner in our growth, and early successes. "

Andreas Wallberg, Founder and Board Member, E-man connect
The solution

Partnering with Arcanys has opened so many doors for the department. The leap proved a great success, making them the most promising department of e-man. E-man + e-man Connect were acquired by Enfo in 2016.

  • Started with 1 developer
  • Started by creating micro-services for two of e-man’s clients to add one service per business logic
  • Started with a team of Java developers that transitioned to javascript
  • 24/7 AWS support
  • From 1 to 16 developers and growing at about 1 team member per month
Your on-demand team is ready.