The challenge

Native vs Hybrid

FansNation is a mobile application that aims to forge closer links between football fans and their favorite club. The app redefines the border between football and new technology with relevant news, surveys, quizzes, forecasts and even crowdfunding.

Startup founders often face the native vs hybrid applications dilemma. Both options have advantages and drawbacks but when it comes to complex applications, both native iOS and Android are generally the best choice.

FansNation decided to develop an entirely new version of the application by rebuilding the cross platform app in native iOS and Android. If the company had chosen to do it locally in Switzerland, the process would have required more developers, which would have meant higher development costs.

Our approach

The right partner to win the match

Like in football, we believe that a great app is built with a mix of skilled players, a clear strategy and solid experience.

FansNation found that with our team structure, it allowed their company to keep costs significantly lower than what they could have found locally. With savings of up to 65%, the decision was an easy one to make.

Best of all, thanks to our big mobile development team, they have been able to launch both iOS and Android versions simultaneously.

" Despite working in different time zones, the iOS & Android teams were always available, responsible & efficient. They were particularly skilled in interpreting and executing our requirements. Kim was a fantastic coordinator, as she plowed through numerous milestones and workflows. "

Harrison Mean, COO, FansNation SA
The solution

Double the team at 1/3 the cost

How did we make sure that FansNation was getting the best setup for their project?

  • A team of 7 developers coding twice as fast
  • A project coordinator around the project
  • Parallel development of both versions (Android and iOS) of the app
Your on-demand team is ready.