The challenge

ICM REDI and ICM Transform

International Care Ministries (ICM) has been serving the ultra-poor in the Philippines since 1992 in partnership with community leaders from thousands of slum neighborhoods.

Arcanys worked on two projects for the organization: Rapid Emergencies and Disasters Intervention (REDI) and ICM Transform.

REDI is a web application for both ICM members and non-members to report an incident. Its objective is to provide useful and timely data to help coordinate the efforts of aid agencies when a disaster strikes. ICM Transform is a web app for storing all of the group’s outreach program data in one system. It is helpful in tracking and managing program participants from start to completion or graduation.

We were very thrilled at the idea of a web platform that connects citizens and aid organisations together to help disaster victims. But REDI was just that—an idea.

There were no written requirements, no process in place, and no technical leader in the ICM team.

Our approach

Arcanys is a software development company in the Philippines that also has its own foundation to teach math to parents and their young children in poor districts of Cebu City. We know how difficult it can be for a nonprofit to keep up with technology while trying to help as many people as possible from donations.

So, we went further than design and development. Our team of business analysts and graphic designers met with the ICM team to help in creating processes, business analysis and UX as they moved from one module to another.

"Developing the ICM REDI and ICM Transform apps was a great collaborative effort with the Arcanys team. And now, using the apps not only allows for effortless encoding of data in the system but also frees us from a ton of paperwork and saves us precious time."

Daniel Mayhugh, Chief Operations Officer at ICM
The solution

A proactive team that operates fast

While our team was working on the business analysis and the UI designs, the first materials were handed over to the development team comprising a frontend Angular developer and a backend Lumen/PHP developer.

  • For REDI, we used AngularJS, NG6, Bootstrap and NPM for the frontend and Lumen and EngageSpark for the backend
  • 5 developers worked full time on the REDI project
  • For Transform, we used AngularJS, Fuse, MaterialJS and NPM for the Frontend, and Lumen for the backend
  • 2 full-time developers worked on the Transform project
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