The challenge

Scouting for a dependable tech team to handle a highly complex project

Witnessing the incredible advancements in IoT and digital manufacturing, two engineers and a software architect—all of whom have years of experience in manufacturing operations management, product development, test systems, and MES (manufacturing execution system) integration—founded Medulla in late 2016.

Medulla is a cloud-based smart factory platform that develops cost-effective digital manufacturing capabilities with the use of AI, IoT, and MES technologies, and makes all these available to any manufacturing company—not only to large companies but also to small and medium enterprises as well. In other words, it aims to be a customizable digital bridge between a manufacturing company’s shop floor and ERP (enterprise resource planning) processes.

With such a complex, innovative project, and limited free time on their hands (since the co-founders still had day jobs then), they needed the support of an efficient tech team with the right technical know-how to develop a working prototype. Since they had limited financial resources, however, they shopped for talents in cost-effective countries and eventually found a viable team in India.

Working with their first remote dedicated developers, Medulla was able to launch a working prototype in record time. Despite a quite satisfactory MVP though, they experienced some of the common outsourcing challenges such as timezone incompatibility and non-implementation of coding standards. This prompted them to look for a new tech partner—one with the capabilities as well as the expertise to turn the MVP into a top-level system with great enhancements and new features—to take over the project and execute their vision.

Our approach

A top-notch cost-efficient tech team with the right expertise

Medulla’s software development needed significant revisions, better stability, and more proactive developers. With that in mind, the founders searched for another provider they could rely on. After looking around for tech companies to partner with, they stumbled across the Arcanys name.

Intrigued by the prospect of finally finding the software development outsourcing company they need, Medulla’s co-founders sought to gather crucial information about Arcanys ( i.e., their reputation, reliability, work style, etc.) through our portfolio as well as feedback from previous and current clients. Receiving only favorable reviews, especially from one of Payment Logic’s co-founders, Medulla felt optimistic about the idea of a solid partnership with Arcanys.

After gaining fresh funding, Neil Baker and his associates decided to hire a dedicated tech team from Arcanys to carry out Medulla’s software development. And this discovery ushered in a productive new chapter to Medulla.

Currently, the Medulla team is made up of two full-stack developers, one QA engineer, one project manager, a part-time software architect, and also an on-demand senior UX designer. They officially began their sprint planning in September 2018 and are now having sprint demos every couple of weeks, with regular team meetings thrice a week.

The team had to get up to speed with the manufacturing industry practices as well as the coding standards (or lack thereof) of the previous provider. They had to update the framework, rework some user features, implement module updates, and design a brand new user interface with the help of one of Arcanys’ senior UX designer.

As the platform has not been officially released, the Medulla team’s mettle is certainly still to be tested. However, Medulla co-founder Neil Baker is already ecstatic with the team members’ proactive attitude and overall performance, even happily adding that they are surpassing his expectations of an outsourced tech partner.

“Their developers demonstrate a level of foresight that’s rare among outsourcing firms.”

The solution

After taking over from the previous provider, Arcanys assembled a dedicated development team comprised of two developers, a QA, a project manager, and a part-time software architect to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Restructure the system framework for better stability using .NET Core
  • Rework user account roles and permissions using Angular
  • Implement updates on product modules (e.g., serial number generation, serial masks, etc.)
  • Update infrastructure to enable continuous integration

An on-demand senior UX designer is also enhancing…

  • User Interface design
Your on-demand team is ready.