The challenge

A need for Swiss precision

Leading large and complex projects has always been Manta Ray Consulting’s strong suit. With their help, organizations make better decisions and get a hold of better output through Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS).

Cost account managers use MRC’s project management solutions to get on top of their resources and budget and make it easier to meet their goals.

But to build such sophisticated tool requires nothing short of technical acuteness and coherence.

To take both Drill Down Analysis and the Cost Estimation tools to the next level and boost their business, MRC needed support from web performance experts.

Our approach

MRC approached Arcanys after their provider failed to fulfill their needs. They needed a reliable partner to quickly step in, so we showed them our methods which they approved right away.

With performance and value perceived by the users deemed critical, we first explored the platform to get a comprehensive understanding of both tools and stepped into the user’s shoes before carrying out performance and security audits.

We built a team with one .NET developer overseen by our senior architect and two UX/UI designers to refresh and optimize the interface. Then, our senior software architect got on board to audit the site's security and performance, leading to the improvement of the overall platform and MRC’s product features.

Our process of rescuing the project impressed MRC, who then entrusted us with the revamping of the entire User Interface to delight MRC’s clients one notch higher.

"Arcanys’ younger staff won us over because they were in tune with current thinking regarding app development."

Emmanuel Abela, President and CEO at MRC (Manta Ray Consulting)
The solution

Upgrading UX and app performance

MRC entrusted Arcanys with maintaining their EVMS tools and taking care of enhancement requests by:

  • Implementing a version of MRC's EVMS tools, with upgraded UX, app performance, and functionality
  • Working on tool rebranding
  • Collaborating with MRC's team for improvements on making the tools simple to use
  • Implementing these architectural/security/performance changes
  • Currently wholly redesigning the interface of the product
Your on-demand team is ready.